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Polo Swing Analysis 

Polo Swing Analysis refers to the study of a player’s swing mechanics and any number of variables that determine the outcome.   The best method for doing this utilizes Digital Video and a Computer that allows the player to compare one swing to another, much the same way golfers study their swing. This can be done on the Stick & Ball Field or in a Hitting cage.

A hitting session normally starts on horseback or in the hitting cage and I take approximately 5 minutes of digital video. Then the player (and his coach, pro, or instructor if available) and I well review the swings on the computer. At that point, the goal will be to identify one or two changes that will improve his power, accuracy or consistency. During the next step the player will return to the Stick & Ball Field or the Hitting Cage to execute the changes, and experience a positive outcome. When that is accomplished, the player should be able to take the change to the field with only a small amount of practice. 

The important thing for the player to remember is the “one thing” that he wants to change. When he gets into the game he needs to continue to remind him self of the “one thing” that he must always do. If he misses the ball, he needs to ask himself if he did the one thing. If he did not do the one thing, he needs to remember to do it the next time. If he did do the one thing then it was just bad luck and he needs to keep doing it.