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If you need more information about Polo, the Polo Training Foundation is a great place to start.

PoloBear Polo Club 

Play polo all year 'round. This a great place to play Arena Polo. Jolie Liston helps players get started by not only teaching but also helping players learn how to take care of their polo ponies and get everything that is needed to play the game. For seasoned players this is a great place to stay in shape, and tune up horses, because Jolie maintains one of the best arenas for polo in the Altanta area.

Segway can be a great training tool for Polo 

To learn how you can have a SEGWAY of your very own call SHAWN JENKINS @ 513-225-1583. When the ponies are turned out, SEGWAY POLO is great fun!

Turn Key Polo @ The Estancia Don Manuel, Argentina 

Play polo everyday & experience polo as it should be played! I have been going to the Estancia Don Manuel for the last three years and I have never been dissapointed. Emiliano Blanco is a World Class host and works very hard to see that you get to play as much polo as you have the energy for. Howeve, that is not enough. Emiliano also makes sure that not only do you have fun playing polo but that if you want to see High Goal Polo, Shop, Play Golf or tour other estancias he makes all of the contacts. I try to conduct at least on clinic each year at his estancia.