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Swing Analysis Hitting Session                
Improve your swing & confidence, to insure that if you get to the ball, you will be ready to hit the ball with confidence and improve your ability.

Things to work on

Swing Plane, Timing, Control, Accuracy, and Power. Thanks to the Mechanical Horse you can also work on Hitting Platform, Riding Ability, and Hand & Leg Control. There will be a side benefit, while working on the above issues you will also help build your strength and fitness

Things you need:
Bring your Boots
Bring a couple of your favorite Mallets
Bring your Helmet
Bring a glove if you like
(If you don’t have these things we will have some available.)
Kit Collins, Call 513-225-4262 to make an appointment
Virtual Polo Hitting Cage, Mechanical Horse, Digital Video, & Computer Replay. (Swing Analysis may also be done on horseback) The computer replay will allow us to look at the swing and study it just as if it were a golf swing. We will be able to draw lines to show the swing plane, look at the swing form the front and from the side, with stop action and split screen to compare before and after. This is the first time that this type of technology has been made available at a club level. This program has been under development for years and can not fully be appreciated until you experience its graphic nature. Virtual Polo is truly the only Hitting Cage in the WORLD to use all of this technology. NO, this IS NOT a video game. You ride a real polo saddle, you use a real polo mallet, you hit a real polo ball, and you ride a life size mechanical horse. The horse actually responds to the rider. Depending on your riding ability the horse will move faster or come to a stop. This is definitely not you Daddy’s Wooden Horse!