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Frequently Asked Questions
1.)    Is Virtual Polo a video Game?
 NO. It is a training tool that uses Polo Swing & Performance Analysis to help polo players improve their skills. It can be done on a real horse, on the Stick & Ball Field or in a Hitting Cage. In an ideal situation, a player would work first in the “Virtual Polo” hitting cage and then on horseback.
2.)    What is the “Virtual Polo” hitting cage? 
It is the only portable hitting cage, to include all of the following features: 
        Mechanical Horse that responds to the riders’ hands, legs and balance, Ball Delivery System that allows the rider to release balls with the push of a button, Digital Video & Computer Aided Swing Analysis that allows the rider to receive on the spot feedback about his swing and riding skills, Mechanical Assisted Set up that allow one person to set up the hitting cage in less than an hour.
3.)    Does “Polo Swing & Performance Analysis” have to be done in the Hitting cage?
 NO. The computer can be set up in a car at the side of the field so player can see what is happening to their swing with out riding back to the barn.