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Kit Collins' Biography

Kit started playing polo in 1968, when he was working at the Houston Polo Club, for Will Farish. It was there that the late Joe Barry taught Kit how to swing a mallet and hit the ball in a wooden cage. At Joe’s suggestion, Kit went to college at New Mexico State University. As a result, Kit worked the winters, riding and playing green horses in El Paso for Bud Heatley and worked the summers in Oak Brook, for the Hall of Famer, Cecil Smith and riding everyday with the Legendary James Rice. After 30 years of dreaming, Kit designed and built the only Mobile Hitting Cage that utilizes a Mechanical Horse, Digital Video and Computer Aided Swing Analysis, which he refers to as Virtual Polo.

Kit has been teaching for the last 6 years and has traveled from coast to coast and border to border using his Polo Swing & Performance Analysis to help players improve their ability and enjoy the sport of polo. Kit has also traveled to Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and Buenos Aires and worked with players from England, Germany, Holland, Italy & New Zealand.