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About Virtual Polo

(This page is still under construction.  The text and pictures that follow are just the first draft.)

When I first created my Hitting Cage, I called it "Virtual Polo". However, I soon realized that players thought that it was a video game and did not understand the true value of the system.  Therefore, I now refer to my training system as “Polo Swing & Performance Analysis”. The “Swing Analysis” works the same way as it would for a Golfer and the “Performance Analysis” covers the whole game, by looking at riding skills, game strategies and fouls.

Over the years, we have had many great instructors that have taught us and showed us how to play the sport. There are also many good books and videos that we can also refer to.  The question is how is “Polo Swing & Performance Analysis” different from what has been done in the past?  First it is important to note that Polo Swing & Performance Analysis is a tool that all Instructor, Coaches, and teaching Pros can use to help players and that the system works no matter what type of Riding Style or Playing Technique is prefered.  The answer is in the computer. By using the computer to study a players swing technique, riding skills or playing ability, we can allow a player to see with great detail exactly what is blocking him from achieving his desired level of play. This creates a very individualized approach to training and allows a player focus his attention in a very specific area.
The computer allows a player to look at his swing from "down the line" and from the side, at the same time. It also allows lines to be drawn through the swing plane, so that a player can see just how much he needs to adjust. By splitting the computer screen, you can compare one player with another or one swing with another. The computer also allows the player to measure the head speed at multiple points through out the swing. (However, it is important to note that swing speed is much less important than most players realize.) 
Along with designing the Hitting Cage, I have also created a system that allows me to use the computer at the side of the field and to work with players as they stick and ball or as they play. Additionally the computer works very well for reviewing games and studying the fouls. This is a great way to help umpires and players. When reviewing the game in the computer you can draw on the screen a white line for the ball and yellow line for the yellow player and a blue line for blue player. This makes it very easy to highlight where the foul occurs and many times, you can add a green line to show how a player could have made a play without causing a foul. (Although many times the camera angle cannot provide an ideal view, the fact that we can get umpires and players to consider the possibilities will make the game much safer.)