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Virtual Polo is not a video game. Players ride in a real polo saddle, using a regulation mallet, and hit a standard polo ball. It is the only Portable Hitting Cage that utilizes a Mechanical Horse. The horse was designed to responds to the riders’ legs, hands and balance, so that players can work on riding skills and swing mechanics. The Virtual Polo Hitting Cage is excellent for working on timing issues, building muscle memory, and strength training. The low profile, omni-directional design and the Dual Ball Delivery Machines make the cage an extraordinary teaching tool that can be delivered anywhere. Due to the minimal number of up right supports the cage is well suited for use with Polo Swing & Performance Analysis. Read About Virtual Polo

For years we have had training videos to show us how to hit the ball and demonstrate the ideal techniques. We have practiced by standing on a chair, riding a wooden horse or running with a short mallet. However, until now we have never used the computer technology that Olympic athletes have used to see exactly what they are doing. Polo Swing & Performance Analysis brings polo training into the 21st century.

Thanks to Kit Collins, you can view every aspect of your swing, down to the smallest detail. Then you can split the images on the screen and compare one swing to another or one player to another. This technology allows you to make adjustments and evaluate the benefits. This can be done on the stick and ball field or in a hitting cage. Using this technology in actual games situations allows players to see the effect of stress on their swing and also study strategies and fouls all at the same time. Go to Swing Performance Analysis

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